Dynamic Speaker

FABULOUS SPEAKER!  You, your guests, your attendees will walk away feeling inspired and joyous, eager to put the practices Lauren teaches to work in their own lives!  Lauren Foster is an energetic, amusing, enthusiastic and passionate speaker.  She delivers a dynamic, interactive, inspiring and uplifting presentation, in a ten minute speech or a 3 day weekend workshop and everything in between. Her powerful message of living, working, loving and creating according to your vision guarantees amazing results and transformed lives. She is a versatile speaker who can tailor her message toward virtually any goal that you have for your group or business. Gift your employees with a speaker that will give each of them something to talk about for along time! Schedule a call to brainstorm a tremendously effective workshop for your group.  www.timewithlauren.com. Her specialties include:

Sales and Business Building:

As a veteran of more than 30 years in Sales, Sales Management and Entrepreneurship, Lauren has seen first-hand how these principles work in the sales and business building arena. One of her greatest passions is sharing this knowledge with powerful presentations and workshops that inspire, motivate and exponentially expand results. Work less, earn more! Love your work, love your bank account. Love your life!

Weight Loss and Health Management:

As a Certified Primal Health Coach, Lauren can teach your audience or group how to start feeling and BEING healthier right this minute.   Schedule a healthy lunch and learn or a full weekend food and movement re-training session.  Our bodies thrive on the food our ancestors ate, whole and natural, unprocessed and delicious.  Lauren makes sense of getting back to our roots, having love and respect for our bodies and developing habits that serve us; mind, body and soul.

Beautiful You, from the Inside Out

Self-esteem building, ideal for busy women.  Women today wear so many hats and take on so many responsibilities that they wind up burnt out, unhappy and drained.  Inspire your audience to learn to take care of themselves first.  No one can serve from an empty vessel.  Lauren will teach your audiences the value of self care, powerful and practical tools for building self-esteem and personal power.  Your group will thank you for providing this inspiring, encouraging and uplifting content.

For Rotary Clubs and Service Groups

“How May I Serve?”
Members of service organizations like Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis and others already share a desire to serve, the drive to give back and to make positive change in the world. The Rotary Motto of “Service Before Self”, and this year’s theme, “Be The Inspiration” embody this spirit.

Program Committee Chairs and Presidents, you can give your membership the gift of an inspiring and uplifting presentation that will help them learn to take this attitude of service out into their lives and businesses and really multiply their results and their satisfaction with their lives.

A conscious attitude of “How May I Serve” will enrich relationships with loved ones, employees and customers and even increase profits and work satisfaction.

Here are a few comments about this presentation.

“Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to the Rotary Club of Asheville-South and delivering such an uplifting and inspiring talk. I could tell the group really enjoyed listening to you. – you helped get our day off on the right foot! Thank You!” Gaia G.

Meet your new favorite speaker – Lauren G. Foster

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