Homemade Mayo and Video Progress Report


Homemade Mayo with Avocado Oil

Homemade Mayo with Avocado Oil

I shot this video with my iPhone and I’m clearly no videographer, but it does the job.  Two jobs actually.  My friend believes that I do something making mayonnaise that isn’t in my instructions, so she wanted me to video tape it to see.  Fedex was finally able to get at least as far as my mailbox to deliver Avocado oil, I wanted to make mayonnaise, I needed to do a video progress report, so here they all are.  This mayonnaise is delicious and doesn’t have the icky oils and preservatives that jarred mayonnaise does.  It’s great on sandwiches or as a base for salad dressing, or in chicken salad……  any way you would use regular mayonnaise and more, because it’s just that tasty.  Filming the “body” part, showing evidence of the 15 lbs banished is my LEAST favorite part, but I do it for you, so you’re welcome!

Love your body, love yourself and have a wonderful weekend!  Namaste’.





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