“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” —Steve Jobs
Theme for the Month – Intention
The month of July is a really big one;  we are going to be learning all about Intention.  This is the most basic life skill, the premise on which all of the other lessons are built.  Thoughts are the makers of things.  Everything was created twice, once in thought and again in form.  You are a creator whether you like it or not, but you can choose to be the master of what you create, or you can continue to create by rote, at the mercy of your past and your circumstances.   It is all about setting your Intention for what you want, and then giving your attention and energy to that.  It is about becoming, at the cellular level, the being that is living the life you want.  Dig in!  Make a note of where you are today and set your intention to look back in August and see the amazing changes you have wrought in your life.  July 2017 will only happen once, so make it the best month of your life; on purpose. Watch this video to help you know if the time is right for you to jump in and really get serious about building the life of your dreams.
Fall In Love With Your Intention
This week, pick one thing that you would really love to create in your life and set your intention to create it.  Then, fall in love with that intention.  You remember being newly in love.  You sneak any minute you can find to be with your lover.  You think about them all of the time.  You can’t wait to see them again anytime they are away and you never get tired of being with them.  Cultivate this feeling about the new thing you are creating.
All this week we will be working with this intention and learning how you can use this to really power up the joy, success and abundance in your life.
Make it a great week!
Who is creating your life?  Are you living by default or by design?  You decide.
Make it an outstanding day, on purpose!!
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