What if you could completely change the way you respond to the word “problem”?  It’s a really good idea to do so, because without problems, there can be no growth, no expansion, no improvement.  Problems, challenges, difficulties and obstacles are the contrast we need in order to get better at things and reach greater levels of success.  Know this, if you never have difficulties, you will never grow.  Not in your business, your relationships or as a person.  A problem-free life will be stagnant and static, not vibrant and evolving.  Welcome your problems!

An argument, disagreement or other discord in your relationship is a clear sign that says “here is an opportunity to get closer, to learn more about each other, to become better listeners, solution finders and partners.  Difficulties among your employees or failure in your productions line are chances to grow and improve; IF you get your mind on the frequency of solutions.  Embrace the problem and get your mind lined up with solutions.

Decide that when you encounter something that looks like a problem, that you will instantly redefine it as an opportunity.  An opportunity to look at things in new ways and to arrive at solutions that will have an amazing impact on whatever it is you’re working on.  “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  Dr. Wayne Dyer