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Lauren is an amazing coach! She is full of life and wisdom beyond her years! She will show you new ways to look at things so that it makes it much easier to fulfill your dreams! I am so grateful for her views and approaches on life! She has helped mold me into a much better version of myself! Tammy Todd

Have you ever met someone who truly lives and breathes what they teach? Yeah, they are refreshingly powerful and inspiring, right? Well that’s who Lauren Foster is! Lauren exudes the “be happy first” message that she teaches, and it’s downright contagious from the moment you meet her. And she is a fun, inspiring and engaging presenter who delivers practical, actionable tips and techniques to help you bring the power of “happiness first” into your personal and business life. If you are looking for a coach who can help you take your life and business to the next level of success, be sure to get in touch with Lauren! –Chris Allen


Lauren is such a powerhouse of positivity and joy.  She’s great at assisting through blocked areas of your life (business, personal, emotional) and comes with a large tool kit of creative ways to explore growth in all of these areas.   She elevates you to see your potential while also making you feel truly special.  She’s been a wonderful boost for my self confidence!  I love working with her! –Evangeline Glasgow

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